What are NFTs? – NFT course l Module

What are NFTs? - NFT course l Module

What are NFTs? - NFT course l Module

today we will be exploring whatnon-fungible tokens are to bestunderstand nfts let’s break down theterm non-fungible refers to objects thatare not interchangeable and replicablewith another such as artworkscollectible trading cards and realestate on the other hand a token is adenomination of a cryptocurrency avirtual asset based on the blockchainnow if you combine both definitions youcome up with a non-frenchable token ornfv a unique virtual asset that cannotbe replicated because nfts arenon-fungible every NFD is unique thecool thing about them is that they canbe used to represent any asset frompaintings photos or even your collegediplomas for example if you turn yourartwork entitled crypto rules into annft you secure its originality sincethere can never be another same cryptorules nft in the world to learn moreabout crypto head over to bitsquil.comtoday

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