Serious Art Only – The Fine Art NFT Platform

Serious Art Only - The Fine Art NFT Platform

Serious Art Only - The Fine Art NFT Platform

serious art only is the fine art nft platform we bring together the traditional art market  and blockchain technology what i’m seeing take place in the nft revolution is is something to  behold it is a transformation of where wealth is flowing from and where it’s flowing to  and we’re about bringing in the traditional art space into the blockchain revolution which creates  an immense opportunity for sustainable growth financially and also security the nft is changing  the calculus of artists dramatically my name is jarama nevi and i am a commercial photographer  and the ceo of student center you have a whole new industry open and knocking at your door  nfts shift the power dynamic from the few to the many now what does this do this empowers artists  and it empowers collectors we have proprietary technology that allows sao to do what nobody else  can we provide an ecosystem where art collectors connect with accomplished digital artists  we’re able to not only help them feel a certain way but take them  on a visual journey heightening all of the five senses i would say to any young aspiring  art collector absorb read the material don’t be closed don’t listen to old school thinking on this  everything has changed part of our strategy at sao is partnering with trailblazers and industry  leaders sao curators take the time to understand research and vet all of our artists sao has  packaged technology in such a way as to make life better for the artist and for the art collector you

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