NFT Explained in Hindi How to Make Money with Non Fungible Tokens Ethereum Blockchain

NFT Explained in Hindi How to Make Money with Non Fungible Tokens Ethereum Blockchain

NFT Explained in Hindi How to Make Money with Non Fungible Tokens Ethereum Blockchain

Well, now you are seeing two ₹ 500 notes in my hand and I am showing you this for a purpose. Why am I showing you this? Let me tell you about it. Just think, I have two notes, exactly a ₹ 500 note would be in your pocket, so the note that I have and the note you have, is of the same value. Right, we can replace it and We can interchange it among ourselves. You give me your note, I give my note to you. It does not matter because the value is the same. But take an example here. Suppose I have Ram on one side and Shyam on one side. I give one-note to Ram and I give another note to Shyam. Now they both have ₹ 500 and they have equal money.Now Ram says to Shyam that give me your note, do the exchange, it does not matter. He also has ₹ 500 and he also has ₹ 500 and Ram tells me that Sir you are giving me ₹ 500. I would like a favor, Please sign on this note and give it to me. If Ram says this to me, then I have to sign. Why am I signing in front of you? I will tell you about it. Now suppose I signed here on this note. So I put a sign here in front of you and I put today’s date here, then I have signed a note here and I have put a date in front of you. Today’s date has been put on this note and that too I have said that I have signed with green ink. So it is a unique color. Now you have this note and I gave this note to Shyam, Now Shyam speaks to ram that brother do one thing and give me this signed note. Ram will say that I can not give it now. Shyam says take my five hundred note and exchange it. Ram says that no, I can no longer exchange. Now your note is the same as the rest of the notes. It is fungible. But this note is non-fungible. There is not a single note in the whole world like this. This is only one note which has been signed in front of the audience and that too with green color and it is with me then I will not give it to you. And I will sell this note for ₹ 5000. Its value has increased. Ram said that. Now Shyam said that both are the same but here why it becomes non-fungible, do you understand. Because there was such a thing in it that it increased its value. You can do this with anything. you can add value to anything. Suppose you have a phone and you have an Apple phone and I also have an Apple phone. But suppose the data in your phone, you do something new with that. you get gold plating in it, then whatever is your phone, it will become non-fungible, there is not a single phone in the world. Now, this is the concept of non-fungible, I keep these notes in my pocket because I will explain to you what Ram is going to do with non-fungible concepts. Ram says whatever I have in Today’s date, it has become my non-fungible asset and I attach the token with it. Now, I am explaining what the token is. NF is non-fungible, I tell you what a token is. Then this will become NFT. This NFT concept is based on blockchain technology, that is Ethereum Blockchain. Now this blockchain technology. This means Secure. You understand that all the entries are being done. He says that I will put photos of this note on the internet and I will make this into a token that I have an NFT, Anyone who wants to buy it can buy it. Similarly, Ram says that not only will I do this, I am also a graphic designer. I will make a graphic. I will make a GIF. I’ll make a jpg, I will upload an image, or I will put a video. He can say anything and I will tell them that it is non-fungible, because GIFs like this are not there in the whole world. I have made this. This is my NFT. Now where T is coming from, how this is Becoming token. This is Becoming token Because the blocking technology is added here. Now the concept of NFT here says that we will give additional benefits to the creator. What benefits will it give? You can sell your NFT to anyone here. If someone came out and bought something, you will get this money. But suppose that this buyer will sell this to as many people the next time, Suppose he sells it to ABC, Then the next time ABC sells to XYZ, how many times it will sell, that many times the creator will get a royalty of 10%. Now you understand what he wants to say. The concept is that as many times it will sell, That same thing he will get a royalty of 10% again and again. Similarly, a Beeple named person has sold digital artwork for 69 million that is 500 crores. Now he is calling this digital artwork as NFT. Now a person named Vignesh, who is of Indian origin, bought it and bought it here in fact. Now when he will sell it to someone ABC person, then 10% royalty will go to the one who made it. Once if creator, Beeple.  Once the creator is registered and he will continue to get Royalty whenever it is sold. And it will have a value addition for every time. If someone will buy something for ₹ 500 crores, he will sell it for ₹ 600 crores for next time, or he will sell for 1000 crores for next time. Then he will get Royalty for 10%, this is the concept. Some people are saying that this concept is a bubble, that how you can sell Something in so much money and it is online if you buy a painting then he takes it to the house. It is digital. Now he will look into the phone. And some people now saying that this is a tremendous concept, this is the future. What do you think, you will tell in the comment below. Look that art is, This is something that no one can decide its value. People decide its value. You do not like a painting, I also do not like it. But people are liking that painting and if someone wants to give 10,000,000 rupees for that painting, then we cannot stop him. That’s why you will see that as many as art pieces, Their auction takes place, then people are making music NFT in today’s date, Creating NFT of videos. In Fact, the shot of baseball players that is done by people, they are also making NFT of the shot, that we want to sell it. in fact,  CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, They have sold their first tweet by making NFT for ₹ 180000000! Now it has been sold, that tweet is in the public domain. How it gets sold, by a token. In the name of this token, it will be sold, again and again, the token which you did not understand in starting. It was that I can speak today, You can say that you are selling your NFT on the internet and You will earn 10% royalty as many times it will sell  Now some people are feeling that how can this happen, sir, how can common people do this. Here, go on the internet, whatever information is there for you. All of that is online.  You put NFT marketplace on the Internet, lots of websites will come before you, will come in front of you. will come in front of you. You Open it, Open here and you will see that what people are selling here in the name of NFT, and if you have something unique which is non-fungible, non-replaceable, so you can put it on the Internet by making it your token. You can see that whatever people are doing and you can also sign in and you see Someone is selling his artwork for $ 1500 and similarly here at $ 350 and here at $ 500, can you create something like this and the odd things are more popular. Again we explain this concept. You put NFT Highest Bids on Google and you will see as I told you. The artwork of Beepal, this is sold in 69 million, that artwork. Similarly, you see that jpg has been sold. You see that GIF file. You have seen that GIF file of Cat, It is sold for $ 500,000. Now you will say that who buy it for $ 500,000. But it is sold, Now they will get 10% as the time it will sell. Similarly, you see this, see this. you see what is being sold, I said that CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, his tweet has sold. Everything is been sold on NFT and NFT is getting very very popular. Now I asked you what you think is a bubble or it is the future, comment below. if you understood NFT. I would know if you will like this video and share this video to make people understand. If you are watching videos on YouTube then subscribe to it and click on the bell icon, if you are watching on Facebook then you follow us. I will see you in the next video till the time you go self-made.

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