Mila Kunis Is Getting Into Cryptocurrency With “Stoner Cats” NFT – CONAN on TBS

Mila Kunis Is Getting Into Cryptocurrency With "Stoner Cats" NFT - CONAN on TBS

Mila Kunis Is Getting Into Cryptocurrency With "Stoner Cats" NFT - CONAN on TBS

You have jumped into theworld of cryptocurrencyAh yes.And you talk about, I don’t understand it.And I know people say,I don’t understand it.I honestly don’t understand it.I’ve asked my son,who’s very bright at thisstuff to explain it to me.And he says, I don’t,he doesn’t want to try,Cause he knows I will not understand.(laughing)So I don’t know what it’s all aboutbut I know that you’vereally gotten into it.So yes,in quarantine,some people took up baking and knittingand I deep dived into crypto and NFTs.And I’ll tell you why,like all jokes aside,it is because it made me nervous.And I felt like it wasa very masculine area.Like everybody that I knewthat knew anything about itat the time was always a man.And I was like, it’s can’t be that hard.[Conan] Right.And you know,it was the pandemic.And so I just deep divedinto it and surrounded myselfwith two incredibly smart womenthat know everything about it.That, you know, started Librafor Facebook and whatnot.And educated myself on crypto,on the ethos of crypto,on what crypto is in the world of the,you know decentralized marketplace,like everything that it stands for,and found it to be really empowering.And then I was like, well, this is fun.What next?And then I decided to deep dive into NFTs.And so through the pandemiccreated a piece of,a form of entertainmentcalled “Stoner Cats”that we’re releasing in a couple of weeks,that is an NFT and you canbuy such “Stoner Cats”.And then that is your token to then watcha five minute long piece of entertainment,of a show called “Stoner Cats”.[Conan] It actually sounds like really,it sounds like a coolidea and I know you’ve hadexperience in animation and comedy.So we have, I think we have a picture hereof the “Stoner Cats”.This is yep.And it’s really coolguys cause I tell you,(Conan laughing)(audience laughing)(applause)so here’s the thing Conan.I was gonna say,cats just sit around anyway,(laughing)Well guess what happenswhen they get stoned.Yeah yeah yeah.So this was all done byreally brilliant people,at home after work.So the animator,the writer,the director,all did “Toy Story 2s”,and “The Spider-Verse”,and “Space Jam” and allthese incredible movies.And the people that wegot to do the voices,everybody just did it becausethey thought that itwas different and fun.And we all wanted to doit for the right reasons.And it brings ownership ofcontent back to the artistand cuts out the middleman.And so if people like theNFTs and they buy this tokens,then more shows will be made.We have a picture too, of your characterPeefee Yep.Oh, she’s real cute guys.Check her out.(laughter)Look at those eyes.[Mila] I mean come on, come on.(laughter)

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