How to create an NFT using AI on OKX Wallet

How to create an NFT using AI on OKX Walle

How to create an NFT using AI on OKX Walle

Hi, I’m Shreyas from the Product Marketing team at OKX and I’m going to show you how  to create an NFT using AI.Open your OKX wallet and tap  on the NFT marketplace. This will take you to our featured place.There’s a plus icon on the top right. You want to click that and tap ‘Generate with AI artwork’.This is going to take you to the minting page  where first thing you want to do is you want to list your idea.This can be any cool creative concept that you  want to bring to life. I am going to go with this particular concept.Next, you want to choose your AI artwork style. We have over 20 different styles that you can  choose from based on what you’re liking.In this particular case, I like Dear Rama,  so I’m going to go with that.If you don’t like any of these  artworks, then you can simply type tap on the reference image, which will give you an option  to upload your own image and also choose how much influence it has on your artwork.I’m not going to go with that. Once you’re ready, click ‘Generate Artwork’.This will take you to let AI do its thing and show you an image. If you like it, cool. If you don’t, then simply tap ‘Generate again’. This will start its own process and show you another one. If you like it, click ‘Mint as NFT’.Next, you will be asked to add a name, a description, lazy minting, which lets you mint  free on OK chain as well as royalty percentage.Check the wallet and chain that you want  to use for minting very carefully because that’s an important step.Once you’re satisfied, tap ‘Next’.This will take you to a page which  will show you if the wallet you’ve chosen has the right funds or not. Once you’re ready, tap ‘Create NFT’.Once you see the success screen,  you can view my assets to see your beautiful artwork that you can keep,  transfer or sell on OKX Marketplace for zero fees. I’m excited to see what our beautiful community creates. Happy minting!

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