Game NFT What is The Top NFT Game of 2023?

Game NFT 🔥 What is The Top NFT Game of 2023?

Game NFT 🔥 What is The Top NFT Game of 2023?

here is a full review of one of thecoolest nft games you can play in 2023 Ithink you should get involved right nowit’s midnight society’s new game DeadDrop please please please do your ownresearch but no I’m not Financial adviceI do so education books only let’s getstraight inso guys here we are at Midnight Society all right and we are going to be talkingabout the new game Dead Drop all rightbefore we do though just a quick info onif you don’t know what Midnight Societyis they’re an incredible Society rightthey were founded on the core principlesof transparency and open developmentfrom as early as the creation of thevery first weapon environment andgameplay systems we ship playable buildsof their games to massive community ofplayers all right start by four industryveterans the studio has grown to over 50AAA developers from the largestfranchises in the world Call of DutyHalo fortnite and more right if you knowwhat them games are you know this isabout to be ridiculous all right solet’s go straight into you what deaddrop is already if you need to do somemore research on midnight site pleaseplease do your own research now deaddrop is a first person to shoot a gameif you like the Call of Duty side if youlike things like that you’re going tolove this all right they have a verticalextraction shooter for a new age ofcompetitive multiplayers and as youscroll down this website you start toget a feel for what this is going to beall right we’ve got these reallyuniquely built characters all rightlooking like some sort of vamped up okayDead Drop variants now there’s differentseries on there right you can go indetail about the snapshots but I don’twant to bore you with that or I justwant to tell you what dead drop is it’sthe first game that is being built bythe Midnight Society it was formerlyknown as the project moon it’s verticalextraction shooter that combines thearena shooter level design with thescale and scope of a battle royale andthe Strategic minute by minute gameplayof an extraction shooter all rightcompete for the best drops and exactwith your life and gear so basicallywhat you’re going to be doing let mejust show you a bit of a trailer forthis so guys this is what a doctordisrespects trailers for the game allright you can see here we’re zooming inwe’re trying trying to get to the weaponside all right first vertical extractionand we’re moving forward so guys here weare at the range now banging sometargets down all right getting used tohow this is working if you’re ready forthis to look like a bit Call of DutyFallout things like that it is qualityall right the speed is fantastic asyou’re going through the gameplay okayit’s got so much detail all right theyhave gone super in detail about how theywant this game to look for everyone elsehere we’ve got all the different kindswhere I’ve got schools on sticks they’vegot to knock down all right this is asort of Target game where you can getextra bonuses and things like thatinside of it all right the aim of thisgame is run through this doing themissions even if it’s in the open worldthat’s fine getting these dead drops abit like if you’ve played the divisionthings like that and the drops happenyou’ve all got to fight for them allright you could do little games likethis with the targets this game hasactually been out for a while for thefounders that have been playing it butnow it is available for us to getinvolved with the season okay goingthrough as you can see these skills youcan hit them in helium anything you needto do dead drop is about to take overnow I want to take you over to theTwitter okay they’ve got 173 000followers it’s at 12 a.m all rightreally cool look on Midnight Society andlook at how engaged they are with thisall right 268000 views just for this one dead dropShowdown all right which is on March the17th actually the day that I’m recordingthis go down you can see they’ve gottheir own figurines coming out there’s amassive project behind this all rightvery very cool you can see a lot ofalpha coming into the game all right thetrailer that we just shown you can seelittle snapshot of it right here ontheir Twitter please please startgetting involved so you can see exactlywhy people are getting ridiculouslyhyped about this project guys pleaseplease no I do see this probably beingthe biggest project of the Year thereyou go guys do me a huge favor hit thatlike button hit that subscribe and hitthe Bell if you want to be notified havefun and I’ll see you next time

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