Bored Ape Sued After NFT Event Burns And Injures Attendees’ Eyes With UV Lights

Bored Ape Sued After NFT Event Burns And Injures Attendees' Eyes With UV Lights

Bored Ape Sued After NFT Event Burns And Injures Attendees' Eyes With UV Lights

uh you could not make up today’s story  let’s talk about crypto and nfts they  were at the height of their popularity  towards the end of 2021 and the  beginning of  2022 here we see freaking Jimmy Fallon  and Paris Hilton promoting this stuff  then a lot of the celebrities who  promoted nfts began to get sued because  a lot of people felt you know misled and  then situations where certain  celebrities try to make shows off of  their nfts but then like Green’s board  AP got stolen so he couldn’t make a show  and then he had to like pay some Ransom  basically to get it back beyond that we  got situations where certain voice  actors like Tera strong and Troy Baker  were sort of getting into nfts Troy  Baker eventually backed out but you know  that did not leave a particularly good  image because by that point people kind  of realize what a grift nfts were and  also they’re not environmentally  friendly and then we look at situations  where you know Justin Bieber purchased a  board ape nft in January 2022 for $1.31  million and that value has dropped to  $60,000 this was something that was  widely reported on here is a CNBC  article on it and uh yeah this is kind  of the general Trend there’s been this  huge crash here is the first ever tweet  nft that sold for $2.9 million in 2021  and then the most recent bid as of  October of 2022 was $132 and then beyond  that you know you’ve got your crypto and  nft scams like Logan Paul who made this  whole game around nfts that basically  centered around like breeding animals  and stuff like that and that not only  did not go well but it straight up was a  scam and Logan Paul still has yet to  issue restitution to the victims  affected and looking at where nft stand  now the consensus based on recent  research and studies is that nfts are  dead and I mean this is one particular  website that I talked about uh that kind  of really broke it down the essence of  it is that 95% of nfts are estimated to  be literally worth list with pieces from  Top collections mostly worth $5 to $10  roughly 25 million people are sat on  debt assets thanks to celebrity  endorsements the speculative bubble has  popped is how Ryan T brown here  summarized it and despite all the red  flags surrounding crypto and nfts game  companies have tried to shove these in  our games but fortunately the push back  has been harsh enough that companies so  far or at the present moment seem to be  steering clear from that stuff and are  realizing that this is not going to be  their next big gold mine like it was  with  microtransactions but uh yeah none of  this will benefit gaming as companies  claim they will for them it’s all about  the dollar signs that they see the  potential profits that they could acre  uh to please investors not about making  gaming better now not only will nfts  potentially do permanent Financial  damage but they may potentially do  permanent and physical damage if you  attend some of their events as bour  recently hosted an event where they  burned off people’s uh skins and  eyeballs with UV lights I I wish I were  making this up but this is a real story  so right here we have a tweet from  November 5th 2023 from an nft bro who  tweeted anybody else’s eyes burned from  last night woke up at 3:00 a.m. with  extreme pain and ended up in the ER I  saw a couple of reports but just trying  to figure out if there was a common  thread last night referring to ape Fest  2023 a convention essentially that  centered around board ape Yacht Club  nfts people attended the event and there  were no safety precautions surrounding  some of its light effects which were UV  and a lot of people were afflicted by  this here somebody responding to that  tweet who experienced something similar  I promised it was really bad so I had to  go to the hospital after they cleaned my  eyes and gave me medicine I’m feeling a  little better now and for the original  poster apparently blurry vision  persisted doc says to pop into the  hospital tomorrow if any blurry vision  still persists and congrats on the new a  please protected well somehow they still  have a positive attitude about all this  despite potential permanent damage to  their Vision here’s another response  from crypto June I woke up at 4 and  couldn’t see anymore had so much pain  and my whole skin is burned needed to go  to the hospital the doctor told me the  UV of the lighting of the stage did it  it has the same effect as sunlight UV  light still cannot see normally here’s a  better breakdown from new salad The  Verge who published The Following  article titled bore ape nft event  attendees report severe eye bur caused  by unprotected exposure to UV lights  during AP Fest  2023 several people reported  experiencing eye pain vision problems  and sunburned skin on Sunday after  attending ape Fest and there are a bunch  of tweets that have been archived  speaking to that effect here is yugal  laabs response yugal laabs being the  company behind Bape Yacht Club uh  spokesperson Emily kit said this in a  statement to The Verge we are actively  reaching out and in touch with those  affected to better understand the root  cause uh there’s no better understanding  the cause it’s UV lights this is you  know pretty basic stuff based on our  estimates the 15 people we have been in  direct communication with so far  represent less than 1% of the  approximately  2,250 event attendees and staff at our  Saturday night event I love that their  way of doing damage control is by  bringing out a percentage well it was  less than 1% so trust us the damage  wasn’t that bad but it potentially could  have been there shouldn’t be a single  person who should have been Afflicted  with the possibility of loss of vision  and not to mention this is 15 people  that they know of there might be more  regardless it’s still enough people  afflicted by this that the attendees  were in a dangerous situation where  their skin could have been damaged and  their eyes could have been potentially  permanently crippled some people do seem  to be recovering but others seem to be  experiencing Vision difficulties even  you know after seeking some treatment so  who knows how this will pan out even if  one person has permanent Vision damage  from your event that’s a huge deal  that’s potentially somebody’s life you  might have upended saying that it was  less than 1% it was only 15 people is  entirely dismissing 15 people who might  have potentially been or were actually  severely injured now here’s another  crypto bro Adrian who tweeted about this  whole situation who kind of broke things  down by tweeting posting that in hope  that my friends suffering the same issue  realize they need medical attention ASAP  this is someone who also was afflicted  with vision problems following the UV  light situation at this event but for  some reason uh this individual still  thanks yugal labs and board ape Yacht  Club for a great ape Fest uh incredible  event and met plenty of amazing people  still as dozens of others have almost  lost sight this night how how can you be  still like kissing the Ring of this  company who were so neglectful as to put  people in Peril in this way I’m being  taken care of by doctors now and have  only good intentions writing this post  to all my friends who suffer now go get  your ice checked you’ve likely most  literally got your eyes burnt with UV  like I did which requires medications  eye drops eye protection antibiotics and  Specialist Care don’t ignore this health  hazard without a proper treatment it  make cause long-lasting vision  impairment and other serious damage to  the organizers for the communication and  awareness reasons it would be fair to  put together an official statement with  recommendations on what to do how is  this guy not outraged how’s he being so  polite about this when attendees have  every right to be outraged by the  potential dangers that they were exposed  to and for some the dangers that they  were exposed to that did leave scars as  dozens of people you care about were  exposed to serious health hazards and  lots of suffering you’re good guy you’re  good guy so it should be easy for you to  recognize the seriousness of it I don’t  know man that feels like a very slap in  the wrist way of saying things when this  feels like it warrants like a full  investigation and then here’s an update  from Adrien who tweeted so far 30 hours  since woke up with severe ey bur I’ve  visited emergency hospital and eye  clinic and spent there a total of 6  hours got diagnosed with a  photokeratitis over both eyes accident  related with prescribed steroid eye  drops and eye lubricants my vision was  tested as close to perfect with no  serious cornea damage luckily now this  individual locked out but there might be  others who weren’t so lucky who might  have suffered permanent damage or who  might not know why their eyes are  burning all of the sudden and might not  seek treatment as immediately as they  should that might result in long-term  lasting effects so many of my friends  are still unaware as he says here they  must seek medical help to make sure they  end up with no damage as well please go  get your eyes checked immediately we  have most likely been exposed to  experience similar to Mount Everest  climbers snow blindness basically a  result of sunlight and that sunlight  getting reflected and all these things  all medical costs rounded up to $380 for  me some friends called in an ambulance  for themselves still altogether it’s not  expensive please go get your eyes  checked oh HKD stands for Hong Kong  dollars Hong Kong being where this board  ape Yacht Club event took place  thankfully this all occurred uh  somewhere where medical bills aren’t  through the roof like here in America I  should be fine since my family are  doctors and they knew what to do though  many are ignoring the seriousness of the  issue still and don’t have the benefit  of having doctors in their family please  don’t wait until it’s too late I don’t  know how many people this is honestly  going to reach no hate towards the  organizers  how I mean you should be absolutely  outraged at this in my opinion like if I  were exposed to the possibility of  losing my vision I’d be freaking livid I  doubt it was on purpose and [ __ ] like  that at times happens almost randomly  that doesn’t matter if it wasn’t onp  purpose like they should have made sure  that Public Safety was one of the number  one things at any event like this this  isn’t just something that happens  randomly this is what happens when  you’re careless and it’s carelessness  that can do potentially permanent damage  to thousands of attendees so far it  looks like it was potentially a dozen or  two people but who knows what the true  damage is I mean talk about the patience  of the Gods to not castigate an  organization for not doing their due  diligence to ensure that UV lights don’t  burn people skins and eyes he continues  however I’m planning to push until  official statements by board ape Yacht  Club ulabs are released for awareness  purposes literally my friends need  medical help without realizing they do  yeah it’s a pretty dire situation it’s  not for me it’s for them so you know at  least he’s trying to put the message out  there but you can see that uh I mean it  got a decent amount of views so  hopefully you know with reports like the  verges out there that this might be a  situation hopefully it’s a headline that  will reach people people who are  wondering why is my vision failing me  what’s wrong with my eyes or why is my  skin feeling like it’s burned off and  they can seek medical help ASAP now  while some somehow have the patience of  the Gods to be gracious about all of  this there are others who already  thinking about taking legal action as  this headline here from uh  States board ape nft holder threatens  legal action over ape Fest eye injuries  the CEO of Arty or artf aive Kamal is  one of the several AP Fest attendees to  experience eye pain after the festival  so there further details down here uh  this individual founder and CEO of art  technology company Arty told e Crypt  that his company has put board ape Yacht  Club maker yugal Laps on legal notice  after sustaining an eye infection and  facial Burns last week in Hong Kong at 8  Fest and Kamal straight up says right  here that this is the first step toward  suing them I felt helpless he said I  felt blind for hours and I felt  vulnerable Kamal also publicly blasted  said yugul labs and board ape Yacht Club  on Twitter stating that let’s create  change together and petitioning for  enhanced safety measures at public  events the incident in Hong Kong at  yugul lab’s board 8 Yacht Club Fest was  a harsh reminder of how precious our  safety is I nearly lost my eyesight  enduring immense pain and anxiety and as  of the publishing of this article in the  last statement that Kamal gave to kamal’s Vision hasn’t fully  recovered he States right here that  while it is better than the first day  the vision is still not back 100% adding  that his vision is still hazy and it  feels like he has small darts in the  corner of one eye Kamal also apparently  knows two other attendees who are  experiencing similar symptoms and he  concluded by saying that you cannot  neglect human safety when the people in  your community have supported you to  make billions of dollars adding that  it’s called apest but humans are there I  mean I think it’s ironic that he says  that because the whole nft landscape  neglects safety it’s such an unregulated  landscape it’s such a wild west that  scams are rampen thefts are rampen  crimes are rampen and and uh it’s an  environment that people should not  participate in unless they really know  what they’re doing and really know what  they’re getting into and already to lose  a lot of money uh but in general this is  just a fad this is just a hype train  that encourages a pyramid scheme from  which few will benefit from uh but in  the case of this whole ape Fest  situation it is very much in the  Physical Realm where physical harm was  done potentially permanent damage to  some very important organs crypto and NF  have been embarrassing themselves as it  is with more people realizing their true  nature their predatory nature and now to  see a situation like this where they  can’t even do basic considerations and  basic due diligence for physical human  safety I mean this is just not a good  look this is all on top of the fact that  crypto and nfts have yet to genuinely  contribute something useful to society  you know it is just a place for you to  gamble your money away and most likely  lose it uh from opportunist that’s kind  of all its purpose is currently the  technology is potentially interesting if  applied correctly but so far it hasn’t  been applied in a way where uh this  technology feels like it’s being put to  good use but uh maybe times will change  later on for now though as far as board  ape Yacht Club nfts are concerned the  negative PR keeps rolling in this latest  situation is embarrassing and frankly  this company and the way they organized  this event absolutely deserves to be  investigated and this company absolutely  deserves legal ramifications and  lawsuits from folks who were either  close to having permanent damage done to  their Vision or who might be suffering  from permanent damage I guess only time  will tell how all of this will play out  but in the meantime let me know in the  comments below what your thoughts and  opinions are on aest 2023 and this whole  situation surrounding just a neglect  that has led to UV lights doing uh quite  a good amount of severe damage to  people’s skins and eyeballs share your  thoughts in the comments below and to be  further updated on all things gaming  news reviews and discussions stay tuned  right here on Yong yeah I’ll see you  guys next  time y out

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