Artefin Art Gallery – NFT Collection

Artefin Art Gallery - NFT Collection

Artefin Art Gallery - NFT Collection

artifan art gallery in partnership withcallisto network presents a brand newcollection by well-respected artiststhis is not an art collection like anyother this is actually decentralizedfor the first time in history art can bebought and sold peer-to-peer around theworld in a few clicks without relying onany art gallery or marketplacethe first art piece we have on displayis called asian landscape by the muchrespected czech artist patrick applethe nft is very unique because theoriginal painting doesn’t exist anymoreit was created during patrick’s liveperformance event where he created thisart and then erased it out of existencewith black colorthe aim was to symbolize hubble’s beliefin nft technology and his desire toimmortalize his art in digital form onthe blockchainthis unique photo sequence was takenduring yuri syriniki’s live performanceit is based on the true story whenyiri’s tv caught fire from a candle this nft was inspired by edwardmuncher’s famous painting the screamyuri created a painting acrylic oncanvas where he painted the main motifwith pop art paints in the form of lineswhen completed the painting wasconverted into digital form with thecolor lines animated allowing for apsychedelic effectthis is the first and second drawingfrom unique christoph quintero’s drawingcollection that will include a total of10 drawings specially created as nftnft is built on the new callisto nft standard allow for a safer way of owningtimeless art piecesand you knowdigital art doesn’t burn as easily astraditional artcallisto nftdecentralizeddigital art

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